Monthly Archives: July 2019

Episode 122: The Lincicome Ultimatum

Remnant regular and Cato Institute trade expert Scott Lincicome returns to the show for his periodic trade update, and to discuss whether the “national conservatism” assessment of trade is correct.

Episode 121: Math!

Manhattan Institute budget wonk Brian Riedl joins the Remnant for a long, wonky discussion of debt, deficits, taxation, and spending…all while trying to keep the amount of truly intimidating math at a minimum.


Episode 120: American Carnage

Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta joins the Remnant to discuss the behind-the-scenes machinations and the long-term implications of Trump’s securing the Republican presidential nomination–and then the presidency itself–in 2016, the subjects of his new book: American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump. 


Episode 119: Pietrusza Potpourri, Part Two: Wilson-Bashing

In the thrilling conclusion to the epic two-parter with historian David Pietrusza, Jonah and David confront the legacy of Woodrow Wilson, and engage in some Wilson-bashing.


Episode 118: Pietrusza Potpourri, Part One: The Podcast of Six Presidents

Historian David Pietrusza, author of 1920: The Year of Six Presidents, joins the Remnant for part one of an epic tour through 20th century American history. This first episode focuses on the six(!?) presidents of 1920, and on related contemporary national and international history. All the while, a sinister figure lurks in the background, to be explored at greater depth in part two…


Episode 117: The ABCs of Politics with A.B.

A.B. Stoddard, Real Clear Politics associate editor and columnist (and fellow Fox News panelist), joins the Remnant for an episode that manages to discuss the ins and outs of Congress and politics (without mentioning Paul Ryan because his return to the news cycle came after this podcast’s recording).


Episode 116: Megan McArdle vs. the Argle-Bargle

Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle returns to the Remnant to discuss the controversy over women’s soccer, the stupidities of the modern Internet, and the virtues of owning a dog.


Episode 115: The Bahnsen Barnburner

Bahnsen Group founder and Crisis of Responsibility author David Bahnsen returns to the Remnant for a wide-ranging conversation on religion, finance, politics, and more.


Episode 114: The G-File?

The Remnant tries a new experiment that may be the beginning of a new era or a quickly-forgotten one-off: an audio recording of this week’s Goldberg File, the (in)famous weekly newsletter (in case you didn’t know).


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-Cultural appropriation is great


-America is getting less racist

-A terrible person

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Episode 113: Straddling the 49th Parallel

Cato Institute Constitutional Studies Director Ilya Shapiro–and dual U.S.-Canadian citizen–joins the Remnant for the second year of what we are hoping will become his annual Supreme Court end-of-term roundup. And he gets in some celebrations of Canada for an episode recorded on Canada Day.