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Episode 130: Iowa Law

Back in D.C., Jonah invites Iowan, AEI Fellow, and constitutional law expert Adam White to the Remnant to discuss originalism, separation of powers, and the Constitution (and to break a certain other constitutional law expert’s legal monopoly on the show).


-The Niall Ferguson episode

-Adam White

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-On misunderstanding Social Darwinism

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The Metaphysical Club – Louis Menand 

-Adam White in Commentary on Congress

-Washington Post on Trump and the Wall

-Adam White in the Weekly Standard on impeachment

Is Administrative Law Unlawful – Philip Hamburger 

-Matt Spalding on administrative law

-GMU’s Center for the Study of the Administrative State 

Judicial Fortitude – Peter Wallison 

-Federalist No. 37 (“laws are always vague”)

By the People – Charles Murray

-Charles Murray and Adam White podcast 

Crisis of the House Divided – Harry Jaffa 

A New Birth of Freedom – Harry Jaffa 

The Least Dangerous Branch – Alex Bickel 

-For more on the Jaffa/Berns/Bork debate, see here, or here

Inventing Freedom – Daniel Hannan 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

The Right Side of History – Ben Shapiro 

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-The GoP GLOP (sans Rob Long) 

-Sid Goldberg, Hop Bird

-Jack’s podcast, Young Americans (and the latest episode, with Dune references)

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Farewell to Alms – Gregory Clark 

-The British-accented Remnant episodes: Charles Cooke (here and here), Daniel Hannan, Niall Ferguson 

-The Iowa Remnant

-The GoP podcast (without Rob Long)

Episode 129: Basement History

From sunny California, Jonah brings Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson onto the Remnant to discuss how the West grew rich, the problems with contemporary historical scholarship, and other weighty issues.


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-Niall Ferguson, Hoover Institution 

A Farewell to Alms – Greg Clarke

Empire – Niall Ferguson 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

-The latest G-File, on the 1619 Project 

The Conservative Sensibility – George Will 

-Rich Lowry on the 1619 project

Violence and Social Orders: A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History – Douglass North 


The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith

The Great Degeneration – Niall Ferguson

-Civilization: The West and the Rest – Niall Ferguson

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Guns, Germs, and Steel – Jared Diamond

Virtual History – Niall Ferguson

Episode 128: Punditry with Geraghty

With Jonah off the grid, Jack takes over the show, with an assist from National Review senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty (or is it?), to discuss Trump primary challengers, the Democratic primary, the old people dominating our politics, the problem of mass shootings, and more.



Episode 127: Who’s Fredo?

In a special Remnant/GLoP almost crossover, Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz rejoins the Remnant to discuss the Fredo controversy, Epstein’s suicide*, and more.


-John Podhoretz, today’s guest

-This week’s first Remnant

-What is a schmendrick? 

-Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast

-Beware Lashon hara! 

-Conan O’Brien’s podcast

-Bill Hader/Tom Cruise Deepfake 

-Radiolab on deepfakes 

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-Robert Duvall’s speech in The Godfather Part II


Episode 126: Jeffrey Epstein and the Era of Conspiracy Theories

With Jonah on the road, he and Jack discuss the Fredo contretemps, Epstein’s suicide* and the age of conspiracy theories, defend the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and more.

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Government by Gunplay – Sidney Blumenthal 

-LA Times column about Jeffrey Epstein

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-Jonah and Rich Lowry’s nationalism argument podcast

-On the Austrian school vs. the German historicists 

-Syllabus of Errors – Pope Pius IX 

-Christopher DeMuth on nationalism 

-The Jane Coaston podcast


Episode 125: Expand the House of Representatives!

AEI and Institute for Family Studies fellow Lyman Stone joins the Remnant to help make the case for expanding the House of Representatives, to discuss the self-identification of population groups, and to ponder Hong Kong’s future.



Episode 124: How To Think About Racism

Vox Senior Politics Reporter Jane Coaston joins the Remnant for a discussion of racism, conservatism, liberalism, and America.


Episode 123: The Return of Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes, now officially Jonah’s business partner, returns from a yearlong residence in Spain to discuss what he’s been up to, what he and Jonah are working on, and why, exactly, the Democratic presidential candidates have (mostly) gone so far to the left.