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Episode 138: Greenland Hipsters

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay Packers) returns to The Remnant for its longest ever one-part episode (we think), dedicated (almost) entirely to “half-baked” ideas, such as buying Greenland (which Gallagher proposed to Jonah last year, making him a Greenland hipster), nuking non-threatening asteroids for practice and deterrence, instituting congressional barracks, and more.


The last Mike Gallagher episode, in which the lawful purchase of Greenland was discussed

Water jetpacks

Turkey deepfry fails 

Greenland should be ours

Grant – Ron Chernow

Tom Cotton on buying Greenland 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Mike Gallagher, the fastest member of Congress

Jack’s account of winning the 2018 Cincinnati Flying Pig Half-Marathon

Jack’s account of his 2019 Boston Marathon experience

“How To Fix Congress” – Mike Gallagher

Presidency project: Length of States of the Union 

The Vanishing American Adult – Ben Sasse 

Against the cult of youth

The Sweet Mystery of Anthony Kennedy

The Years That Matter Most – Paul Tough

Justin Trudeau boxing

The 2018 Olympic “skiier” 

The unlikely Australian gold medalist

Derry Girls

Taken as dadbait 

Mike Gallagher’s interview about the 2018 ACLI Capital Challenge

The Shining recut 

Gallagher’s Pizza

Episode 137: Ukraine!

Jonah attempts to outrace the news cycle by getting in his thoughts about the Ukraine-Trump-Biden-Whistleblower brouhaha, even as developments later in the day outpace a podcast recorded in the morning.


Episode 136: Censor the Senator

Long-absent, and now foul-mouthed, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) returns to the Remnant to explain why Trump endorsed him, why he voted how he did on the wall, and why our media habits are destroying us. With a little bit of Corn Pop thrown in for good measure.


Ben Sasse’s last appearance on the Remnant

Sean Spicer’s tweet

The Mary Eberstadt episode

Primal Screams – Mary Eberstadt’s book 

“Hidden Tribes,” the report Sasse referenced

LA Times column on Elizabeth Warren’s constitutional ignorance

David French on Elizabeth Warren’s constitutional ignorance

Arthur Brooks on Twitter’s disproportions

The French-Ahmari debate

Stillness Is The Key – Ryan Holliday 

Calvin Coolidge on problems

Ben Shapiro, the recipient of the most anti-Semitic tweets in 2016

Madeleine Kearns appears on Jack’s podcast to discuss Brexit

Jack’s podcast

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The last Mike Gallagher podcast

Episode 135: Primal Screams

Woman of many talents Mary Eberstadt joins the Remnant to discuss Primal Screams, her latest book, which advances a theory about the connection between family breakdown and the rise of modern identity politics.


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Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Primal Screams – Mary Eberstadt

Mary Eberstadt previews her book in the late Weekly Standard

The Once and Future Liberal – Mark Lilla

Megan McArdle on the dark power of the Internet

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The infamous Iowa episode 

The Moynihan Report 

The Coddling of the American Mind – Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff (and their Remnant episode)

Etan Patz

The Christine Rosen episode

The most recent Lyman Stone episode

Life of Julia

Men Without Chests 

Washington Post on declining African-American youth baseball participation 

-The Nick Eberstadt episode

Mary Eberstadt on the priest abuse crisis

Mary Eberstadt on Ritalin

-The first married couple to appear on the Remnant: Jonah and Jessica

Orwell on drinking

“Notes on Nationalism” – George Orwell 

Joseph de Maistre on “man” 

Zhou Enlai’s (?) quote 

Mary Eberstadt’s song

“Pap’z Song” – Tupac

Episode 134: Like a Lyman Stone

AEI adjunct fellow Lyman Stone returns to the Remnant, and to America, to discuss family formation, fertility, climate change, and more.


The first Lyman Stone episode

The first Ilya Shapiro episode, followed by another appearance three weeks later

Lyman Stone at AEI

-Lyman Stone’s congressional testimony 

The Birth Dearth – Ben Wattenberg 

-Giving the game away

-Ron Bailey on “the rage against the machines” 

-The melee at CUA 

-Chris DeMuth in the Wall Street Journal about nationalism 

-On bad faith and climate change

-A telling admission 

-The results of Jack’s Dune poll 

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Episode 133: Christine Rosen Revival

Commentary magazine senior writer Christine Rosen rejoins the Remnant to discuss Varsity Blues (the scandal), Big Tech, and more.


-Commentary podcast

-Christine Rosen

-Christine Rosen on the Meritocracy Blues

-Christine Rosen on Felicity Huffman

The Noah Rothman episode 

Preaching Eugenics – Christine Rosen

-The first Bahnsen episode

-The changing mores of the young

-Biden should run a front porch campaign – promo code DINGO

-Christine Rosen – “What Is To Be Done About Facebook?” 

-Jonah Goldberg Facebook page

-The 2019 Commentary roast 

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-Past Remnant guest Sonny Bunch: first appearance, and second

-William Safire orders two whoppers junior 

Episode 132: Trump and the Evangelicals

Ben Howe, author of The Immoral Majority: Why Evangelicals Chose Political Power Over Christian Values (and himself an Evangelical Christian), joins the Remnant to discuss his book, the Evangelical reaction to Trump, the past, present, and future of conservatism, and more.


Ben Howe

-And on Twitter, @BenHowe

The Immoral Majority – Ben Howe

-Lance Wallnau on Trump as an Isaiah 45 candidate 

Obama on his own bull****

-Greenland should be ours

Creed Thoughts

-“Why people hate religion” – NYT

Five Thirty Eight on young evangelicals 

-The Kristen Soltis Anderson episodes (here and here)

The Tim Alberta episode

Sheri Berman on identity 

Ron Brownstein on Trump as a wartime president

The Charles Cooke episode

Jack’s review of Yesterday 

David French is wrong

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“Second Thoughts on James Burnham” – George Orwell 

-The outro music

Episode 131: A Political Roller Coaster

National Review Online editor Charles Cooke rejoins the Remnant to discuss The Beatles, roller coasters, Brexit, the Second Amendment, and more.


-Charles Cooke

-The previous Charles Cooke episodes (here, here, and here)

Florida man throws alligator through drive-through window 

-Charles Cooke on roller coasters 

-Charles Cooke on the Beatles (here and here)

-The Niall Ferguson episode

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg 

-Calvin Coolidge on the Declaration of Independence

-Charles Cooke on Brexit

-Charles Cooke on the truth about the Second Amendment 

-Charles Cooke on the rush to restrict gun rights

-Charles Cooke on the danger of the NRA’s becoming “CPAC with guns” 

-Charles Cooke’s work for the NRA-ILA

-Gun rights and the culture war 

-National Review’s Editors podcast 

-Alec Baldwin impersonates Tracy Jordan

-Liz Lemon’s averted future

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