Episode 132: Trump and the Evangelicals

Ben Howe, author of The Immoral Majority: Why Evangelicals Chose Political Power Over Christian Values (and himself an Evangelical Christian), joins the Remnant to discuss his book, the Evangelical reaction to Trump, the past, present, and future of conservatism, and more.


Ben Howe

-And on Twitter, @BenHowe

The Immoral Majority – Ben Howe

-Lance Wallnau on Trump as an Isaiah 45 candidate 

Obama on his own bull****

-Greenland should be ours

Creed Thoughts

-“Why people hate religion” – NYT

Five Thirty Eight on young evangelicals 

-The Kristen Soltis Anderson episodes (here and here)

The Tim Alberta episode

Sheri Berman on identity 

Ron Brownstein on Trump as a wartime president

The Charles Cooke episode

Jack’s review of Yesterday 

David French is wrong

Get the G-File

“Second Thoughts on James Burnham” – George Orwell 

-The outro music

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