Episode 135: Primal Screams

Woman of many talents Mary Eberstadt joins the Remnant to discuss Primal Screams, her latest book, which advances a theory about the connection between family breakdown and the rise of modern identity politics.


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Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Primal Screams – Mary Eberstadt

Mary Eberstadt previews her book in the late Weekly Standard

The Once and Future Liberal – Mark Lilla

Megan McArdle on the dark power of the Internet

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The infamous Iowa episode 

The Moynihan Report 

The Coddling of the American Mind – Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff (and their Remnant episode)

Etan Patz

The Christine Rosen episode

The most recent Lyman Stone episode

Life of Julia

Men Without Chests 

Washington Post on declining African-American youth baseball participation 

-The Nick Eberstadt episode

Mary Eberstadt on the priest abuse crisis

Mary Eberstadt on Ritalin

-The first married couple to appear on the Remnant: Jonah and Jessica

Orwell on drinking

“Notes on Nationalism” – George Orwell 

Joseph de Maistre on “man” 

Zhou Enlai’s (?) quote 

Mary Eberstadt’s song

“Pap’z Song” – Tupac