Episode 136: Censor the Senator

Long-absent, and now foul-mouthed, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) returns to the Remnant to explain why Trump endorsed him, why he voted how he did on the wall, and why our media habits are destroying us. With a little bit of Corn Pop thrown in for good measure.


Ben Sasse’s last appearance on the Remnant

Sean Spicer’s tweet

The Mary Eberstadt episode

Primal Screams – Mary Eberstadt’s book 

“Hidden Tribes,” the report Sasse referenced

LA Times column on Elizabeth Warren’s constitutional ignorance

David French on Elizabeth Warren’s constitutional ignorance

Arthur Brooks on Twitter’s disproportions

The French-Ahmari debate

Stillness Is The Key – Ryan Holliday 

Calvin Coolidge on problems

Ben Shapiro, the recipient of the most anti-Semitic tweets in 2016

Madeleine Kearns appears on Jack’s podcast to discuss Brexit

Jack’s podcast

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The last Mike Gallagher podcast

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