Episode 138: Greenland Hipsters

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay Packers) returns to The Remnant for its longest ever one-part episode (we think), dedicated (almost) entirely to “half-baked” ideas, such as buying Greenland (which Gallagher proposed to Jonah last year, making him a Greenland hipster), nuking non-threatening asteroids for practice and deterrence, instituting congressional barracks, and more.



The last Mike Gallagher episode, in which the lawful purchase of Greenland was discussed

Water jetpacks

Turkey deepfry fails 

Greenland should be ours

Grant – Ron Chernow

Tom Cotton on buying Greenland 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Mike Gallagher, the fastest member of Congress

Jack’s account of winning the 2018 Cincinnati Flying Pig Half-Marathon

Jack’s account of his 2019 Boston Marathon experience

“How To Fix Congress” – Mike Gallagher

Presidency project: Length of States of the Union 

The Vanishing American Adult – Ben Sasse 

Against the cult of youth

The Sweet Mystery of Anthony Kennedy

The Years That Matter Most – Paul Tough

Justin Trudeau boxing

The 2018 Olympic “skiier” 

The unlikely Australian gold medalist

Derry Girls

Taken as dadbait 

Mike Gallagher’s interview about the 2018 ACLI Capital Challenge

The Shining recut 

Gallagher’s Pizza