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Episode 147: Fear Is the Mind Killer

On a special Halloween episode, Jonah speculates on the deepest fears of some of the most prominent people in public life.


The Dispatch 

On Albert Jay Nock 

Nock on himself 

LA Times column from earlier this week

Washington Post fact-check on Joe Biden’s military history

The most recent David French episode

The gender-swapped 2016 election 

Jack at The Exorcist steps

See Jonah and Dan Crenshaw 

Episode 146: Impeachy Keen Democrats

AEI law-talker guy Adam White returns to the Remnant to try to make sense of Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump.


The Dispatch 

Adam White

Adam White’s last episode

Adam White and Stuart Taylor on presidential oversight

Adam White on House oversight at the beginning of the year

Adam White on the collision of constitutional powers

Ramesh Ponnuru on misunderstanding Madison, promo code DINGO

LA Times column on why Trump should apologize 

The Half-Baked Ideas episode

Episode 145: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Cato Institute ‘prosperity expert’ Marian Tupy joins the Remnant for a much-needed dose of economic optimism, enumerating the ways in which we are indisputably better off materially nowadays. He and Jonah also attempt to figure out why a sort of social malaise persists in the world despite this.


The Dispatch

Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute

The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley

Max Roser – Our World In Data

Hans Rosling (RIP) 

The Simon Project

The Good News Is The Bad Is Wrong – Ben Wattenberg 

On the price elasticity of population

Andrew McAfee on Econtalk

“Stuck” – Ron Bailey

Cato Institute conference on socialism and evolutionary psychology 

Lawrence Summers vs. Emmanuel Saez 

“No-no to Reno and Beto” – G-File on Rusty Reno

Episode 144: The David French Experience

Now Senior Editor for The Dispatch, the (in)famous David French joins the Remnant to discuss the French-Ahmari wars, Trump’s impeachment, the Deep State, the flaws of Elizabeth Warren, Joker, and more.


The Dispatch

David French responds to Sohrab Ahmari 

The melee at CUA

Charles Kesler, David French, Sohrab Ahmari

What Is Conservatism? 

Federalist No. 10

Ken Pollack podcast

David French on quids pro quo

Megan McArdle on Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy claims

“pow wow chow” 

Free Beacon on Elizabeth Warren

-On Elizabeth Warren’s inexcusable constitutional ignorance (Jonah, David)

Mo Eleithee podcast

Brian Reidl podcast

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Episode 143: How Trump Demurred on the Kurds

AEI Middle East expert Ken Pollack rejoins the Remnant to attempt to make sense of Trump’s decision with the Kurds and other aspects of U.S. policy of late.


Go to The Dispatch 

The last Ken Pollack episode

Ken Pollack 

LA Times column on Trump winging it

On the Trump cult of personality 

Unthinkable – Ken Pollack – manifesto 

Episode 142: Searching For Monsters

A discursive Remnant sees Jonah muse on both the serious (Syria, impeachment), the whimsical (threats from aliens and kaiju, the inadequacy of Conan’s workout on the Wheel of Pain), and much in between, with the help of sidekick Jack.


LA Times column on Syria 

John Quincy Adams on (not) going abroad in search of monsters to destroy

Jeb Bush on killing Baby Hitler

Reagan on the potential for unification from alien invasion

The Mo Eleithee podcast 

A Rat Is A Pig Is A Dog Is A Boy – Wesley J. Smith 

The latest GLoP

The Dispatch 

The Dispatch manifesto

Episode 141: The Big Mo

Jonah brings Mo Eleithee, the founding Executive Director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service and a former high-ranking employee for the Democratic National Committee, for a productive (!) and civil (!!) conversation between two reasonably disagreeing adults about politics (!!!). They discuss the 2020 Democratic primary, Trump’s re-election prospects, and how the Democratic Party could lose what George H.W. Bush called “the Big Mo” by writing off white working-class voters.


Online Trading Academy 

Mo Eleithee – Georgetown University 

Harry Enten on the hidden Democratic Party 

Homer runs for sanitation commissioner 

Trump on LGBTQ Americans 

Mo Elleithee on Twitter 

Episode 140: Dispatched!

Jonah invites Steve Hayes back onto the Remnant to unveil The Dispatch, their long-teased new venture, of which Jonah is the editor-in-chief and Steve is the CEO. They also discuss the unfolding Ukraine drama and the recent news about the Kurds.


Behold, The Dispatch!

More about The Dispatch in Axios 

The Simpsons on brunch

More on Junto

Fart Proudly 

Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress

The Tim Alberta podcast

The Hidden Democratic Party

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Episode 139: Story Time with Jonah

Recovering from a cold and a madcap schedule, Jonah does a little punditry and a lot of storytelling.

Shownotes, promo code DINGO

Winston Churchill has nothing to hide

Jonah’s Ukraine rant

The Silurian Hypothesis

How Biden’s connection to the Trump-Ukraine scandal could help him

The most recent Ben Sasse episode

The Mike Gallagher episode

Montauk Project 

The Butlerian Jihad

Jake Tapper interviews Jim Jordan

Sign up for the G-File

Asian teen has middle-aged man fetish 

On offshore oil drilling 

Where’s that metal dealy? 

The Fulda Gap