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Episode 155: A Very Yuval Thanksgiving

AEI scholar and National Affairs editor Yuval Levin joins Jonah for an extended, Thanksgiving-appropriate discussion of gratitude and community.


The Dispatch 

Yuval Levin

The first Yuval Levin episode, and second-ever episode

Chesterton on gratitude 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

On Thanksgiving

National Affairs – Daniel Burns

The Daniel Burns episode

The End Is Near And It’s Going To Be Awesome – Kevin Williamson 

– A Time to Build – Yuval Levin

Fractured Republic – Yuval Levin

Alienated America – Tim Carney

The most recent Tim Carney podcast

Gratitude – William F. Buckley

The nuke somewhere off the coast of Georgia

Episode 154: Eli Lake of Fire

Jonah brings national security guru Eli Lake onto the Remnant to spit hot fire on the rise of China, the Ukraine mess, Russian meddling, the “Deep State,” and more. Plus, the winner of the accent contest is revealed.


The Dispatch

Eli Lake 

On NPR Monday morning

Wired on Crowdstrike

Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg

Hardcore History

Russia turns back into the Soviet Union on The Simpsons 

The Ukrainification of American politics – Bret Stephen

Eli Lake on Iranian digital resilience

The accent contest results

Episode 153: The Wild, the Innocent & the R Street Shuffle

R Street Institute scholar Andy Smarick joins the Remnant to discuss Hayek, subsidiarity, post-liberalism, and more. And in the post-interview show, the Remnant Anglosphere accent contest enters a new stage.


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Andy Smarick 

Jean Yarbough’s review of the strikingly Teddy Rooseveltian book by a young Josh Hawley

The recent Continetti episode

Andy Smarick on the post-Trump GOP

James Scott – Seeing Like A State

Hayek’s Nobel lecture

Kevin Williamson on Marco Rubio and Kevin Williamson

Rubio’s CUA speech

Andy Smarick in National Affairs on real centralization

“A riot is the language of the unheard” 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

The Once and Future Worker – Oren Cass

The Quest for Community – Robert Nisbet

The Fractured Republic and A Time To Build – Yuval Levin

Grand New Party – Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat

Senator Shoshanna 

Accent Twitter poll (to be added once we know it’s feasible for people actually to have listened and aren’t just voting for their favorite person)

Episode 152: Among the Post-Liberals

With the help of Daniel Burns of the University of Dallas, Jonah takes a break from punditry and tries to understand the ins and outs of the post-liberalism debate.


The Dispatch

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Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns in National Affairs

G-File on Daniel Burns

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Why Liberalism Failed – Patrick Deneen

Virtue of Nationalism – Yoram Hazony

-“Notes on Toleration” – Locke, Jefferson

George Washington’s letter to the Quakers

Alienated America – Tim Carney

Fractured Republic – Yuval Levin

G-File on “Riddle of a Republic” – Dick Morris

The half-baked ideas episode with Mike Gallagher

Joint Economic Committee: “Zoned Out” 

Ramesh Ponnuru’s response to Sasse

Episode 151: Jawing with Crenshaw

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, once a Navy Seal, joins the Remnant for a discussion of conservatism, persuasion, and how to move forward in this political moment. (This is a recording of a live event at Texas A&M.)


The Dispatch

Dan Crenshaw 

The most recent Continetti episode

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg 

Dan Crenshaw on SNL 

Jonah’s initial response to the Flight 93 election essay

Mike Gallagher podcast 


Episode 150: The Continetti Continuum

Now-AEI Fellow Matt Continetti returns to The Remnant for some high-minded philosophical discussion of conservatism and some low-minded chatting of the rank-punditry variety.


The Dispatch 

Matt Continetti’s first Remnant appearance

Sean Trende on the 2010s and the 1870s (and Niall Ferguson and Matt Continetti)

The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 – George Nash

Did You Ever See A Dream Walking – William F. Buckley

The Chris Stirewalt episode

Matt Continetti on Virginia going blue

The Rich Lowry episode

The Yoram Hazony episode

Trump’s speech at Normandy 

Trump and Mr. Kurd 

The Conservative Sensibility – George Will

NYT on how Italians became “white” 

Whiteshift – Eric Kaufman 

Hispanics don’t want to be called “Latinx” 

“Ruining Your Lungs To Own The Libs” – Jack Butler and Alec Dent 

“Democracy in the Tobacconist’s” – Jonah Goldberg 

Episode 149: Cut the Salami

Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt joins the show as our emergency salami for punditry about the 2019 off-year elections and the impeachment debacle.


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Chris Stirewalt 

Jonah’s books 


Episode 148: Rich Lowry’s Case for Nationalism

National Review editor Rich Lowry rejoins the Remnant to discuss–and debate–the virtues of nationalism, the subject of his new book, The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free.


The Case for Nationalism – Rich Lowry

National Review: Editors podcast 

The last time Rich and Jonah debated nationalism 

The Yoram Hazony episode

Declaration of Independence

Gettysburg Address

I Have A Dream 

Why Liberalism Failed – Patrick Deneen 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg

Thanksgiving as a nationalist holiday

FDR’s Third Inaugural 

FDR’s D-Day prayer

Why nationalists should worry that Trump is now self-declared nationalist

Trump’s Poland speech

Greenland should be ours