Episode 150: The Continetti Continuum

Now-AEI Fellow Matt Continetti returns to The Remnant for some high-minded philosophical discussion of conservatism and some low-minded chatting of the rank-punditry variety.


The Dispatch 



Matt Continetti’s first Remnant appearance

Sean Trende on the 2010s and the 1870s (and Niall Ferguson and Matt Continetti)

The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 – George Nash

Did You Ever See A Dream Walking – William F. Buckley

The Chris Stirewalt episode

Matt Continetti on Virginia going blue

The Rich Lowry episode

The Yoram Hazony episode

Trump’s speech at Normandy 

Trump and Mr. Kurd 

The Conservative Sensibility – George Will

NYT on how Italians became “white” 

Whiteshift – Eric Kaufman 

Hispanics don’t want to be called “Latinx” 

“Ruining Your Lungs To Own The Libs” – Jack Butler and Alec Dent 

“Democracy in the Tobacconist’s” – Jonah Goldberg 

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