Episode 152: Among the Post-Liberals

With the help of Daniel Burns of the University of Dallas, Jonah takes a break from punditry and tries to understand the ins and outs of the post-liberalism debate.


The Dispatch



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Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns in National Affairs

G-File on Daniel Burns

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Why Liberalism Failed – Patrick Deneen

Virtue of Nationalism – Yoram Hazony

-“Notes on Toleration” – Locke, Jefferson

George Washington’s letter to the Quakers

Alienated America – Tim Carney

Fractured Republic – Yuval Levin

G-File on “Riddle of a Republic”

Vote.com – Dick Morris

The half-baked ideas episode with Mike Gallagher

Joint Economic Committee: “Zoned Out” 

Ramesh Ponnuru’s response to Sasse

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