Episode 153: The Wild, the Innocent & the R Street Shuffle

R Street Institute scholar Andy Smarick joins the Remnant to discuss Hayek, subsidiarity, post-liberalism, and more. And in the post-interview show, the Remnant Anglosphere accent contest enters a new stage.


The Dispatch

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Andy Smarick 

Jean Yarbough’s review of the strikingly Teddy Rooseveltian book by a young Josh Hawley

The recent Continetti episode

Andy Smarick on the post-Trump GOP

James Scott – Seeing Like A State

Hayek’s Nobel lecture

Kevin Williamson on Marco Rubio and Kevin Williamson

Rubio’s CUA speech

Andy Smarick in National Affairs on real centralization

“A riot is the language of the unheard” 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

The Once and Future Worker – Oren Cass

The Quest for Community – Robert Nisbet

The Fractured Republic and A Time To Build – Yuval Levin

Grand New Party – Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat

Senator Shoshanna 

Accent Twitter poll (to be added once we know it’s feasible for people actually to have listened and aren’t just voting for their favorite person)