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Episode 162: Millennials Are Screwed

Washington Examiner Executive Editor and author of Fear Your Future Phil Klein joins the Remnant to discuss his new book on how Baby Boomers have screwed over the Millennials.


The Dispatch

Phil Klein of the Washington Examiner

Fear Your Future – Phil Klein

Paul Krugman against Monetary Monetary Theory


Lyman Stone’s AEI work on occupational licensing

Peter Suderman on student loan debt forgiveness as subsidies for rich people

The Case Against Education – Bryan Kaplan; and podcast episode

Tim Carney

Alienated America – Tim Carney

Stein’s Law

Episode 161: The Gary Schmitt Impeachment Primer

Jonah invites AEI scholar and impeachment expert Gary Schmitt to discuss what impeachment actually is, what it’s for, and how to use it properly.


Gary Schmitt 

The Dispatch

“How the Framers thought about impeachment” – Gary Schmitt

“What does ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ mean?” – Joseph Bessette and Gary Schmitt 

Federalist No. 65

National Review Editors’ podcast in question


Episode 160: Pre-Christmas Geraghty

National Review senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty makes yet another return to the Remnant to discuss the Democratic primary, impeachment, Star Wars, and more.

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The Dispatch 

National Review Jim Geraghty 

National Review Editors’ Podcast

The Democrats’ diversity panic

Jim Geraghty on why Booker et al are failing

There is no political magic wand

The Morning Jolt

Good news for people who hate bad news

The Declan Garvey episode

Jack’s podcast about the future

Caleb Watney

Episode 159: Mr. Garvey Goes to Hershey

Jonah is joined by The Dispatch reporter Declan Garvey to discuss his trip to President Trump’s rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, reporting on Capitol Hill, the state of the Democratic primary, and their mutual love of The Mandalorian.

Show Notes

The Dispatch

Declan Garvey

Battleground state polls

Episode 158: Blessed By Ramesh

Jonah’s former National Review colleague and current AEI colleague Ramesh Ponnuru joins the Remnant to suss out what in the impeachment morass and the conservative internecine wars he does and doesn’t find highly illogical. Plus, the accent contest gets a surprise late entry.


The Dispatch 

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Ramesh Ponnuru 

The first Ramesh Ponnuru episode

Marco Rubio’s case for “common good capitalism

Ramesh Ponnuru on “common good capitalism” 

William F. Buckley on the war on drugs

Claremont’s “Tech New Deal” 

Reviewing the output of CRB

Elliott Capital Management responds to Tucker Carlson

-Madeleine Kearns on Young Americans (first on transgender youth, next on Brexit)

The Andy Smarick episode

Episode 157: Making Gillespie Dizzy

Jonah turns the tables on Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie, interviewing him about the states of conservatism, libertarianism, and the Republican Party.


The Dispatch

Part one of this podcast

“Rocket Man” as interpreted by William Shatner

“Star Trekkin'” – The Firm

Nick Gillespie on the freedom of cities

“Stuck” – Ron Bailey

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy – Joseph Schumpeter 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

Declaration of Independents – Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch 

Jonathan Last on Star Wars and droid slavery 

On how the present alters the past

“Second Thoughts on James Burnham” – George Orwell 

Episode 156: The Sarah Isgur Hour

Dispatch staff writer Sarah Isgur joins the Remnant to discuss cookies, the Deep State, Peloton, and more.


The Dispatch

Sarah Isgur

Molly Jong-Fast in the Daily Beast

The Jessica Gavora episode

The Dan Crenshaw episode

Destiny of the Republic – Candice Millard

Is Administrative Law Unlawful – Charles Murray

By The People – Charles Murray