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Swamp Thing 2: Washington Boogaloo

Delicate ears beware – Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng got explicit with us to talk about the inner workings of the Trump administration staff, which is the topic of their new book called Sinking in the Swamp. How much favor do Trump-positive talking heads really get from the White House? Are Trump’s numerous ex-staffers now effectively lobbyists? And can we pronounce Asawin’s name correctly?

Show Notes:

Buy Sinking in the Swamp!

Tito Puente

Bannon’s use of the “Island of Misfit Toys” phrase

Stephen Miller’s strange history

The “Singularity of Asininity”

James Adomian’s Gorka impression

Lachlan’s article on Gorka’s park-job


In a return to normal Remnant-y quirkiness, we have on “the oldest young person” that Jonah knows, Andrew Egger. There’s rank punditry, far-afield movie references, and an unnerving amount of Midwest-bashing; it has everything!

Show Notes:

Andrew Egger

Huey Long: “Enough money to burn a wet mule”

Andrew’s piece on Bloomberg

“Blue Million”

NYT accent identifier

Wag the Dog

Suicide of the West, now in paperback

Minnesota Nice

Midnight Run

Bernie supporting Castro, Sandinistas in 1985

Andrew’s piece on the wall

Roger Stone gets 40 months

The Dispatch Podcast

The Dispatch promo code dingo

Fight House

Tevi Troy stops by The Remnant to break the first rule of Fight House and talk about Fight House his new book about rivalries in the White House. Jonah and Tevi then take a trip down memory lane at their time together at AEI in the early 1990s.

Show Notes:

Fight House: Rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump

Tevi Troy

Camelot created the modern presidency

Devaluing the Think Tank promo code dingo

2020: A Love Story

National Journal politics editor Josh Kraushaar stops by for a special Valentine’s Day edition of The Remnant full of rank punditry on all things 2020.

Show Notes:

Josh’s podcast, Against the Grain

Josh’s column, also called Against the Grain

The history of The Hotline

The unwokeness of most Democrats – precisely in point #6

Steve Inskeep asking Warren what states she thinks she can win

Biden yelling in town halls

Jonah explaining Seth Masket’s argument at length

The Party Decides, a book that’s less and less true by the day

John Rauch’s suggestions re: primaries

Bernie calling open borders a Koch conspiracy

Ron DeSantis politicizing his kids

The chaos of second terms

Romney’s note to Senate colleagues

Running with Scissors

AEI resident scholar Derek Scissors joins The Remnant to discuss all things China including the trade agreement with the U.S., Huawei, and coronavirus.

Show Notes:

Derek Scissors

China’s global investment

U.S.-China trade agreement

China’s 2019 economic summary

The Dispatch

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Episode 172: Sometimes a Phetasy

For part one of their crossover podcast event Jonah talks with Bridget Phetasy about meeting on Twitter, culture wars, drug legalization, writing for Playboy, and #MeToo.

Show Notes:

Bridget Phetasy

Walk-Ins Welcome with Bridget Phetasy

Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy

The Dispatch

Episode 171: State of The Dispatch

Steve Hayes, editor of The Dispatch, walks over from his desk to talk with Jonah about the best steak in Iowa, the end of the impeachment trial, and an update on their new media company The Dispatch.

Show Notes:

The Dispatch in Iowa

Jonah on Hugh Hewitt 

Joe Biden fact check

The Atlantic profile of The Dispatch

The Dispatch

Episode 169: JoGo and Butts No More

For podcast sidekick Jack Butler’s last appearance on the Remnant as such, he turns the tables by asking Jonah the questions that he’s been meaning to ask for a long time: about drugs and alcohol, punching homeless people, getting punched by Irishmen, and more.


The (second) Mike Gallagher episode

Nick Gillespie episode

Buy Suicide of the West (now out in paperback!) 

The Dispatch

Are dogs good?

The first Megan McArdle episode

The Jake Tapper episode

Jack’s podcast, Young Americans



Episode 168: The Ties that Bind Us

AEI’s Yuval Levin drops by The Remnant to discuss his new book “A Time to Build” and lays out his argument for why America’s real problems stem from the failure of our institutions and why they need to be rebuilt or built anew.

Show Notes:

-Yuval Levin (AEINational Affairs)

A Time To Build

Inside Trump’s stunning tirade against generals

The Dispatch