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Episode 167: I Buy, You Wear

Jonah visits with Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier to discuss how Special Report comes together, Twitter and the news cycle, the Democratic primary, and going to college with Steve Hayes.

Show Notes:

Bret Baier

Three Days at the Brink

Three Days in Moscow

Three Days in January

The Dispatch

Episode 166: The Ballad of the Kosher Killer

New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks stops by The Remnant to discuss tribalism v. community, nationalism, whether the word conservative is salvageable, and the story of the “Kosher Killer.”

Show Notes:

The Second Mountain

Michael Lind essay

Goldberg: Americans are more partisan than ever

Brooks: The Two Moons

George Will v. Josh Hawley part one

George Will v. Josh Hawley part two

Capitalism v. socialism debate with Arthur Brooks

Marco Rubio’s common-good capitalism

Michael Oakeshott’s Rationalism in Politics

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Episode 165: Ross, Do That

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat joins the Remnant to discuss religion: new religions, religions fighting among themselves, hokey religions that are no match for a good blaster at your side, etc.


The Dispatch

-Ross Douthat: NYT (The Argument), NRO, AEI

The Gary Schmitt episode

The Ross Douthat religion panel

Social Creature – Tara Isabella Burton

Strange Rites – Tara Isabella Burton

Pagans and Christians in the City – Steven Smith

State of Fear – Michael Crichton

The Melee at CUA

David French on religious liberty

“Theocracy, Theocracy, Theocracy” – Ross Douthat 

The Falkirk Center

The Decadent Society – Ross Douthat

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

The Case For Nationalism – Rich Lowry 


Episode 164: Tapper on Tap

Jonah visits fellow Gen Xer Jake Tapper’s shrine to political losers to talk about the 1990s, The Six Million Dollar Man, Joe McCarthy, and Donald Trump.

Show Notes:

Jake Tapper

Rep. Dick Swett

Jake Tapper’s office of presidential losers

The Hellfire Club

Special: ‘The Dispatch Podcast’

Jonah lets the team at The Dispatch hijack The Remnant to debut their new podcast “The Dispatch Podcast.” Today Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David take a look at the situation between the U.S. and Iran, the latest with impeachment, and the president’s proposed tariffs on European wine.

Episode 163: Iberian Pork Overdose

Through the magic of Skype, Jonah talks from Spain with Jack about life in Spain (and Iberian pork), the killing of Soleimani, Star Wars, and more.


The Dispatch

The most recent Morning Dispatch

Graeme Wood on Soleimani 

Randolph Bourne

The EU’s fatal flaw

The most recent GLoP

The Nick Gillespie Remnant

Reason’s Star Wars libertarian special

Reason’s video take on the Kavanaugh hearings

-Dolphins are rapists and drug users

Episode 162: Millennials Are Screwed

Washington Examiner Executive Editor and author of Fear Your Future Phil Klein joins the Remnant to discuss his new book on how Baby Boomers have screwed over the Millennials.


The Dispatch

Phil Klein of the Washington Examiner

Fear Your Future – Phil Klein

Paul Krugman against Monetary Monetary Theory


Lyman Stone’s AEI work on occupational licensing

Peter Suderman on student loan debt forgiveness as subsidies for rich people

The Case Against Education – Bryan Kaplan; and podcast episode

Tim Carney

Alienated America – Tim Carney

Stein’s Law

Episode 161: The Gary Schmitt Impeachment Primer

Jonah invites AEI scholar and impeachment expert Gary Schmitt to discuss what impeachment actually is, what it’s for, and how to use it properly.


Gary Schmitt 

The Dispatch

“How the Framers thought about impeachment” – Gary Schmitt

“What does ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ mean?” – Joseph Bessette and Gary Schmitt 

Federalist No. 65

National Review Editors’ podcast in question


Episode 160: Pre-Christmas Geraghty

National Review senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty makes yet another return to the Remnant to discuss the Democratic primary, impeachment, Star Wars, and more.

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The Dispatch 

National Review Jim Geraghty 

National Review Editors’ Podcast

The Democrats’ diversity panic

Jim Geraghty on why Booker et al are failing

There is no political magic wand

The Morning Jolt

Good news for people who hate bad news

The Declan Garvey episode

Jack’s podcast about the future

Caleb Watney

Episode 159: Mr. Garvey Goes to Hershey

Jonah is joined by The Dispatch reporter Declan Garvey to discuss his trip to President Trump’s rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, reporting on Capitol Hill, the state of the Democratic primary, and their mutual love of The Mandalorian.

Show Notes

The Dispatch

Declan Garvey

Battleground state polls